A WILDWORKS Hello Stranger Project.



Participants from Drym Valley Centre visited Trencrom Hill with Tough Dough artists Alessandra and John and musician Vicky Abbott.  Together we explored a woodland setting and experienced new life springing up all around us. 

Using all our senses we created drawings and shared responses to this magical place, and delved into the world of sound with Vicky. 

‘Being in the woods I felt so calm
and it was all about new life beginning again’


Exploring Different Sounds...

Winding our way up a steep path we arrived at the top of Trencrom and took in big sky and wide horizons. We could clearly see the north and south coastlines of West Penwith and the great granite outcrops of this wonderful heritage site. Inspired by the wind and elements we shared our responses to being up at the top of the hill and explored different sounds before our descent.

‘I feel I could fly from up here,
it is like being on top of the world!’


In Response

Back at Drym Valley Centre we looked at our drawings and remembered some of the plants we came across in the woods and the views at the top of the hill.  We drew and painted on coloured fabric in response to landscapes we had experienced. Which in turn has been made into bunting and banners to be used at our sharing day at Trencrom.

Vicky has collected sounds with the participants and rehearsals are well on the way ready for our outdoor performance in the woods and on top of the hill. 

"Hello Stranger" is an ambitious project supported by the Good Growth Fund and involves over 60 artists actively engaging with diverse individuals and communities.

The outreach is extensive, from collaborating with St Petroc’s and those experiencing homelessness, working with disadvantaged and marginalised young people in Cornwall, involving Death Cafe’s and people experiencing loss, engaging with Ukrainian refugees, connecting with people living with disabilities, building relationships with the WI, and reaching out to individuals in the hospitality and farming sectors.

As part of this comprehensive project, Wildworks have also fostered partnerships with Cornwall schools.
This includes conducting workshops in ten secondary schools, where they introduce their innovative approaches to theatre in the landscape.