Selected by Wildworks to be one of the 10 projects included in Hello Stranger.


"Hello Stranger" is an ambitious project supported by the Good Growth Fund and involves over 60 artists actively engaging with diverse individuals and communities.

The outreach is extensive, from collaborating with St Petroc’s and those experiencing homelessness, working with disadvantaged and marginalised young people in Cornwall, involving Death Cafe’s and people experiencing loss, engaging with Ukrainian refugees, connecting with people living with disabilities, building relationships with the WI, and reaching out to individuals in the hospitality and farming sectors.

As part of this comprehensive project, Wildworks have also fostered partnerships with Cornwall schools.
This includes conducting workshops in ten secondary schools, where they introduce their innovative approaches to theatre in the landscape.

ON THE WAY is made up of 3 distinct events

Skathow, Trencrom & Lightly Sea Salted.

Each event engages communities with distinctive landscapes
through song, dance and visual art.

They will take place during April and May in different locations along the route of St Michael’s Way, which runs from Hayle estuary on the north coast of Penwith to Penzance and Marazion in Mounts Bay.

The events will create memorable experiences that celebrate the lives, stories and knowledge of the participants, as well as the landscapes in which they are created.

Each project will involve sharing and exchanging gifts of stories and food, recognising Cornwall’s history of hospitality, and looking outwards.



Inspired by tales of Celtic pilgrims who carried their boats across the neck of land between Hayle estuary and Mounts Bay to avoid the perilous journey around Land’s End, on route to the continent, Alessandra Ausenda and John Keys will explore ideas around precious cargo groups of children from Marazion and Penpol schools.

Each child will create a small boat (Skath) that carries a representation of what they consider most precious in their lives. These boats will be displayed as flotilla along the route before being exchanged over a shared lunch.



Participants from Drym Valley Centre are working with Tough Dough and musical director Vicky Abbott responding to the landscape around Trencrom Hill through sound, movement and visual art.

This will culminate in a small-scale immersive performance and temporary art installation.


Lightly Sea Salted

A movement-based performance on land and in the water at Battery Rocks, Penzance. The participants are an established community of friends who meet and sea swim regularly. Working with a dancer Kyra Norman the participants will explore their experiences and motivations for swimming together, and sharing food and conversation on the rocks.

There will be a public event for the wider swimming community and a shared picnic.