Connecting Through Creativity​

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the project:

Artists connecting, exchanging and supporting each other

Message Sent 21 was set up as an exchange between 8 individual artists, four in the South West, four in the North East of the UK. They established and developed a dialogue over 6 months by setting each other creative tasks, exchanging physical artworks and responses.

All artists live and work in rural locations, engaging with their communities.  This project developed during the period of Covid19 restrictions.  It was a way to connect and exchange ideas, feed personal creativity, respond to each other and provide motivation and support.

Current Project

The joy of sending and receiving

Artists from geographically distant locations sent postcards as a way of getting to know each other.

These soon created a network of correspondence and evolved into artworks including paintings, collages, sculptures and creative writing.  In times of physical isolation they provided tangible ways in which to connect.  There was so much excitement around the posting off and receiving and unwrapping of these creative gifts across our far away locations.

the project:

Digital connections

Monthly zoom meetings meant the artists could share their responses and discuss the next task.  Activities included taking a walk and deciding how to share that with an artist from the opposite end of the UK. 

Sharing videos and sound recordings as well as physical artworks enriched the exchanges.  Regular comments through a social media group kept the communication buzzing with suggestions and feedback.


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North East Residency

In September 2021 the artists from the South West travelled up to the North East and finally met each other.  In the inspiring coastal location of Easington they brought together all the artwork collected over the months and realised the amount generated had been considerable! 

This time together was used to reflect on the experience of the past 6 months and the outcomes.  Shared walks, creative activities and discussions have led to the group deciding to continue these exchanges.



You Can't Pour From An Empty Cup