Tough Dough celebrates community and schools projects by staging events and exhibitions.  Exhibitions of artwork, creative writing and photographs are displayed. Red carpet events are planned to preview films that have been made.  Food is often key at our events and is a positive way to engage with the audience and groups bringing a sense of enjoyment and conviviality.

Tough Dough have created interactive spaces and installations showing work made by community groups and schools.  We work in collaboration with teachers, writers, photographers, other artists and groups. We enhance work using imaginative and innovative methods of display,  giving a high quality of experience to the public and bringing a sense of pride to the participating groups.  Installations have been created for shops, galleries, museums and schools.  Town art trails have brought communities together to maximise participation and increase audiences.  The events and happenings are an opportunity to reach out to a wider audience, increase  engagement, raise the profile of the projects aims and celebrate its successes.