Tough Dough Launch 2006

Tough Dough was launched in 2006 at the Acorn Theatre. The Tough Dough exhibition was literally a dough installation! The theatre space was filled with site specific work made by the Tough Dough artists, the community and schools. The creative work was varied and ranged from a dough dress, vases of flowers and a dough television set showing a dough animation.

Dough is a versatile and easily accessible art material. The mixture can be made into a salt dough, a bread dough or simply as flour and water. It can be sculpted into forms, imprinted and decorated with tools and textures. The dough can cover existing objects or combined with other sympathetic materials. The domestic environment was a perfect theme that ran through the projects creative process. The team collected retro pastry, cake and bread making utensils for groups to work with and to inspire artwork.

Tough Dough worked in Mousehole and Marazion Schools where pupils got involved in making multiple pieces such as bunting, dough tiles and wallpaper for the kitchen scene. A community workshop at the Acorn was an opportunity for the public to come along, get floury and creative. Participants made flowers, shoes and even covered a chair with dough!

Photographer Francesca Ausenda produced a series of photographs that were framed with dough Frames. Amanda Lorens produced a dough stop frame animation to captivate the audience.

The Tough Dough team collaborated with performance artist Lollie Brewer who helped them develop characters for the event. Armed with Tough Dough chefs’ hats and aprons Lizzie Black, Alessandra Ausenda and Francesca Ausenda opened the exhibition. The public were invited to get busy with an interactive creative dough work on a large table which was filmed and projected by web cam into the downstairs area. The audience included families, school children and artists. The evening finished with a DJ session- an opportunity to get rid of the pinnys and shake off the flour!