Date May 2010

startFour Schools: St Maddern’s, Nancledra, Pendeen and Trythall took part in the Stepping the Tinner’s Way project. The schools were selected because they were close location to the Tinner’s Way in Penwith. The aim was to research the theme and create a storyline for an animation.

The school children visited and walked a section of the walk and learnt about its history. They looked at different themes such as mining, ancient settlements and sites, trading, stories and legends. The schools also partnered with a museum or attraction: the Bernard Leach Pottery, Geevor Tin Mine, Bodrifty Settlement. This enhanced and stimulated learning.

An exhibition and event was staged at Geevor Tin Mine. The four films were premiered with audience of children, families and local people at the on-site cinema. See BBC report from Sept 2010 here.

To see the films that were created see Lizzie Black’s Vimeo link here

Tea Treats were held in each community. Older members of the community and key people were invited to share photos, newspaper clippings , maps and stories about the past.

Creative writing was developed with writer Anna Maria Murphy. This would feed into the story that was being developed for the film. Tough Dough lead art workshops with the children to create the artwork and the filming took place in the schools along with the sound track recording of the narration. The films were showcased at a red carpet event at Geevor Tine Mine and Museum with an exhibition of the artwork and research material and documentation.

By retracing the steps of the ancient routes with schools, community groups and individuals we inspired a sense of belonging and increased learning and appreciationof the Tinners Way and the local. To find out more about the walk and our community engagement with Stepping the Tinner’s Way on this website click here.

Lucy Wells has written a piece of creative prose here